Cultivation Area Management

The cultivation areas of over 5,000 rais (800 hectares) have been managed closely by our expert consultant and experienced agricultural team by organizing team by the following division

Soil Management

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Our field’s officers regularly inspect the soil quality in terms of nutrients and pH measurement annually. The soil samples are collected and analyzed by the experienced laboratory. The soil of each fruits is improved to meet the suitable condition of each fruits. We have the strong believe that only rich soil will give greatest impact on improving and tasty the production.

Water System Management

Different fruit requires different method of irrigation system such as sprinkle and dripping method. Water planning for each plant is customized. Moreover, the humidity of soil is measured daily before any watering to properly control the water usuage and ultimately conserve the water resources.

From the visionary of our owner, Thakolsri farm relies on own water reservoir so, our fruits are abundant, tasty, and superb in all cultivation steps due to the best water management.

Insect Management

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With the extended knowledge, expertise, and experience of our entomologists on the insect management, we can control the pests and insects safely and efficiently. In some areas of the farm, insects and pests are ecologically controlled by the predators, parasites, and some fungi. In addition, some insects are bred for the natural fruit cross-pollination.

Management of Fertilizers and Nutrients

For the management of fertilizers and nutrients, the plans of fertilizers and nutrients are properly established based on the soil analytical results. As such, the farm officers can calculate and mix the fertilizers and also apply the nutrients with the proper amount for the cultivation of each fruit.