Fresh Fruit ​

​ Our Fresh Fruit ​ ​

Thakolsri Farm, with the total area of over 5,000 Rais (800 Hectares), is abundant with a variety of quality and tasty fruits e.g. Namdokmai (Golden) Mangoes, Mahachanok Mangoes, Thong Prasert Jackfruits, Aromatic Coconuts, Holland Papayas, Khao Namphueng, Thong Di, and Tubtim Siam Pomeloes, Golden Bananas and Nam Wah Bananas. All fruits are strictly cultivated under the international standards with the Global G.A.P.​

Namdokmai Mango​

Mahachanok Mango​

Thong Prasert jackfruit

Petracha jackfruit

Khaonampueng Pomelo

Thongdee Pomelo

Aromatic Coconuts