At Thakolsri Farm, three varieties of delicate pomeloes are served to satisfy your appetite

Khao Namphueng:  The pomeloes are quite big and round with dark green peel, yellowish-white flesh, and sweet and sour taste.


Thong Di: This variety of pomelo has a high and round shape with a little bit of roll at the upper side. The peel is smooth with dark green color while its pulp is light pink, juicy, fragrant, and succulent.

Tubtim Siam: Being named as “Tubtim Siam” from its ruby-like color, this pomelo has the soft pulp, very-sweet taste, aromatic fragrance, dark green skin, and covered with soft naps.

Packages / Packing Sizes

All three varieties of pomeloes: 20 kg/basket or 12pcs 14pcs 16pcs 18pcs/18kg/ctn.

Delivery Methods

The customers can either pick up the pomeloes at Thakolsri Farm or use our delivery service.

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