Nam Dok Mai (Golden) Mangoes

Shape / Appearance 

Recognized as the queen of Thai mangoes, Nam Dok Mai (Golden) is however different from the original Nam Dok Mai mangoes. When it is unripe (around 1-2 months), the skin is green. Then, it becomes light yellow and golden at last when it is completely ripe as its name implies. The pulp of Nam Dok Mai (Golden) mangoes is beautifully golden with the sweet taste. So, this variety of mango is popular among Thai and foreigners.

Nam Dok Mai (Golden) mangoes of Thakolsri Farm are recognized for their premium quality, beautiful shape, and golden skin. That’s because each mango is carefully and manually wrapped in a quality carbon paper bag. With the deliberate care of all steps, Nam Dok Mai (Golden) mangoes at Thakolsri Farm are tasty and perfect for our customers.


Packages / Packing Sizes

Our premium Nam Dok Mai (Golden) mangoes packed with the EPE foam in a premium carton are available for :  5 kg. carton box

Delivery Methods

The customers can either pick up the mangoes at Thakolsri Farm or use our delivery service. We also offer the basket of Nam Dok Mai (Golden) mangoes with the packing size of 20 kg. simply deliver to your place for further re-packing.

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