Maha Chanok Mangoes

“Maha Chanok” is the name royally bestowed to the hybrid mango of Sunset and Nangklangwan varieties. This mango is then outstanding and looks different from other mangoes as it has a long shape with a little curve at the bottom. Its pulp is tight with beautiful skin color. When it is unripe, the skin is green and smooth. Upon maturity older, the mango becomes reddish green and then orange-golden-yellow or reddish pink. Concerning the taste, the unripe Maha Chanok mangoes are very sour but become sweet when they are completely ripe with unique fragrance.


Packages / Packing Sizes

Packing size of fragrant, tasty, and beautiful-skin Maha Chanok mangoes packed with the EPE foam in a beautiful carton is available for : 5 kg. carton box

Delivery Methods

The customers can either pick up the mangoes at Thakolsri Farm or use our delivery service. We also offer you another choice; the basket of Maha Chanok mangoes with the packing size of 20 kg. will be simply delivered to your place for further re-packing.

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