Jackfruits Thong Prasert

Jackfruit is one of the fruits very outstanding for its sweetness and unique fragrance. At Thakolsri Farm, labels are tagged on the stalks of jackfruits so that the age and proper harvest period can be identified. Obviously, the ripe jackfruits have the distant thorny eyes with yellowish peel and, most important, scented fragrance, signifying that these jackfruits are ready for the customers.

At Thakolsri Farm, we serve you tasty jackfruits with Thong Prasert variety which is currently the most famous variety.

Packages / Packing Sizes

One jackfruit weighs approx. 5-8 kg. The packing size is one jackfruit/basket.

Delivery Methods

The customers can either pick up the jackfruits at Thakolsri Farm or use our delivery service.

Fruit seasons