All Fresh Fruits

At Thakolsri Farm, we provide you with great variety of premium quality fresh fruits. All fruits are attentively cultivated under the Global GAP standards and deliberate care in all steps from initial stage selecting of seeds to final stage. To ensure our premium quality as  stated in our philosophy “Nature in your hand”


Nam Dok Mai (Golden) Mangoes  

Recognized as the queen of Thai mangoes, Nam Dok Mai


Maha Chanok Mangoes

“Maha Chanok” is the name royally bestowed to the hybrid mango of Sunset


Jackfruits Thong Prasert

Jackfruit is one of the fruits very outstanding for its sweetness and unique fragrance. At Thakolsri Farm


Aromatic Coconuts

Aromatic Coconut is one of the most favorite fruits of our customers. Having been cultivated


Holland Papayas

The premium quality papayas with cylinder shape, tight and thick pulp, orange-reddish skin


Pomeloes (Khao Namphueng, Thong Di, and Tubtim Siam)

At Thakolsri Farm, three varieties of delicate pomeloes


Golden Bananas

The ripe bananas are beautifully golden while the green color of their pole tips

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Nam Wah Bananas

The skin of the unripe bananas is green and becomes yellow when the bananas are ripe