Thakolsri Farm, one of the leading farms in Thailand, was originated from the agricultural passion and visionary of Mr. Viroth Thakolsri and Mrs. Surapee Thakolsri with the passion to enhance the farming practice of Thai fruits to be internationally accepted.

Founded in 1970 as a small farm of only 35 rais in Si Thep District, Phetchabun Province with the steadfast determination and aspiration of Mr. Viroth Thakolsri and Mrs. Surapee Thakolsri to enhance the recognition of Thai fruits and lead Thakolsri Farm to be one of the leading farms in Thailand, the cultivation areas have been gradually and continuously developed and expanded. Now, Thakolsri Farm, with the total area of over 5,000 rais, is abundant with a variety of quality and tasty fruits

e.g. Nam Dok Mai (Golden) Mangoes, Maha Chanok Mangoes, Khao Niyom Mangoes,  Thong Prasert Jackfruits, Aromatic Coconuts, Holland Papayas, Khao Namphueng, Thong Di, and Tubtim Siam Pomeloes, Golden Bananas, Nam Wah Bananas, Pineapples, Tubtim Chan Rose Apples, and Kim Ju Guavas. All fruits are strictly cultivated under the international standards with the Global GAP accreditation since 2008.


Currently, Thakolsri Farm enjoys its next challenge as some areas of the farm have been developed for the frozen (IQF) fruit processing factory under the GMP and HACCP standards. Hence, the consumers can be totally assured that the IQF fruit products of Thakolsri Farm are fresh,tasty and hygienic with high quality because we are attentive for each production steps to our consumer hand.

Farm Areas

At present, the total areas of over 5,000 rais (800 hectares) of Thakolsri Farm have been cultivated with a lot of quality fruits